The Best Ways to Finance the New iPhone 8 or X

When the iPhone first launched, the only way to get Apple’s latest smartphone was through a two-year contract through AT&T. Things have changed, NBC News reported. 

Consumers now have the option to finance the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and upcoming iPhone X from Apple and the major wireless carriers, as a shift from two-year contracts to carrier financing becomes popular.

Experts say that it’s important for people to read the fine print and know what they’re signing up for.

“If you do finance through them, they kind of have you on the hook,” says John Oldshue, owner of “Not only will they come right after you for the rest of the money if you decide to switch carriers in the middle of that time period, but some have a penalty for leaving the carriers.”

Apple Rolls Out New iPhone X on iPhone’s 10th Anniversary

[NATL] Apple Rolls Out New iPhone X on 10th Anniversary of the Device

NBC News’ Better ran down all the options for customers looking to buy the latest iPhones.

Published at 8:53 AM PDT on Oct 11, 2017


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