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North Park Residents Demand City Leaders to Clean up Park

Some North Park residents are hoping to pressure the City of San Diego into cleaning up the North Park Community Park.

A petition is now circulating, demanding the park be revitalized.

Josh Bey said he’s concerned about the park and supports the petition.

“It’s got a big influx of a population that is not just without homes but a population that is actively using drugs engaging in violence with each other and the community members,” Bey said.

Kussy McKenzie told NBC 7, she has lived in the area for five years and enjoys going to the park with her two children.

“I really think something needs to be done about having it feel safer,” McKenzie said.

Just two months ago, she said her husband was robbed.

“My husband coming home from work was robbed at gunpoint,” she said.

Those who have signed the petition hope the city will enforce the park’s hours of closure, improve safety conditions as well as improve the maintenance of the park.

The petition was organized and addressed to San Diego City Councilmember Chris Ward in hopes of having him address the problem with the city.

Bey explained one of the main objectives is to get security for the park and to enforce the fact that it’s closed at night time.

In a statement, Councilmember Chris Ward said the following:

“Everyone deserves to feel safe in their neighborhood parks, and I’m fully aware of the impact that increased homelessness has had in all of our communities. I have been advocating for resources for homelessness and public safety since day one, and welcome all constituent advocacy for stronger neighborhoods. I am encouraged by the enthusiasm from the Mayor and Council to address these concerns, and will continue moving forward on comprehensive solutions to both alleviate our homelessness crisis and address our police staffing needs for improved public safety throughout our city.”

Published at 11:07 PM PDT on Aug 11, 2017


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