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Lockdown Lifted at Grossmont High School

Grossmont High School in San Diego’s East County was placed on a three-hour lockdown Thursday due to a “possible threat” ultimately deemed unsubstantiated by officials. 

Catherine Martin, a public information officer for the Grossmont Unified High School District (GUHSD), said the campus was placed in “secure” mode at around 9 a.m. due to “police-related activity.” She posted a message on Twitter saying all students were safe, inside classrooms. “Secure Campus” means the doors to classrooms are locked, with instruction continuing.

Officers with the El Cajon Police Department (ECPD) were called to the school. Police said the lockdown was a precaution.

About 45 minutes later, Martin tweeted that police were “investigating a possible threat” to the high school.

“Students are safe/secure,” she added. “More to follow after ECPD concludes [its] investigation.”

Martin said the ECPD had confirmed “that no students at Grossmont High School were directly threatened.”

NBC 7 crews saw a large police presence at the campus.

Concerned parents had gathered at the entrance to the school, waiting to hear from their children and officials.

At around 10:20 a.m., Martin tweeted that U.S. Customs and Border Protection were also on campus, but only there to help El Cajon police with K-9 searches.

About a half-hour later, with the school still on lockdown, Martin posted another message on social media, saying officers were still searching the roughly 20 buildings on the 66-acre campus.

Martin also said that as campus buildings were cleared, students were being allowed out of classrooms to use the restrooms. She said classrooms are equipped with “crisis buckets,” which include supplies like snacks and water.

By 12 p.m., Martin said the lockdown had been lifted, as police were “unable to substantiate any threat to students.”

Students were let out of their classrooms for lunch; classes would resume for the rest of the day after that.

Grossmont High School is located at 1100 Murray Dr. in El Cajon and serves students in grades nine to 12.

No other information was released regarding the investigation.

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